Joseph Sanger is an English musician living in Hiroshima, Japan.

He has played various instruments in myriad bands and performed and recorded with a huge variety of people in many different styles.

He currently writes and plays music using esoteric and home-made instruments, and records under the name Organ Monkeys.

Until he makes a proper website, please check the links below for more information!

Homemade instruments and studio experiments: Sanger Studios on YouTube

Listen to Organ Monkeys: Organ Monkeys on Bandcamp

Listen to Heavy Rain, Heavy Sun: Heavy Rain, Heavy Sun on Bandcamp

Rather neglected Facebook page: Joseph Sanger Music on Facebook

He is also a shakuhachi player, who has been studying for more than ten years in Hiroshima. His teacher has awarded him both the shihan (teacher) and dai-shihan (master teacher) certificates.

Shakuhachi: Joseph Myoushin Sanger on YouTube

Another Facebook Page: Joseph Myoushin Sanger on Facebook

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