Linux Bits

I use the Linux operating system for all my computing needs, and especially to record music. Every year or two, or sometimes more often, I decide to reinstall and I find myself doing the same things over and over again... I've decided to start a list of the steps which cause me the most trouble. I'm publishing here partly because I'll know where it is, and partly because there's a chance it may help someone else doing the same thing.

Using Linux Mint 15 KDE AMD64

Skype sound didn't work until I installed libasound2-plugins:i386

Jackd didn't work with my firewire soundcard until I installed jackd-firewire

Also I needed to install a Midi bridge to get a standard MIDI keyboard working in the Jack environment with Ardour3: a2jmidid

Ardour and Jackd etc. will have lots of problems unless the user is added to the audio and video groups

Japanese Input - can't make head nor tail of this! Despite all my searching it seems to be broken in this release

EDIT it seems that installing "ibus" just somehow works... I went to the main menu, selected "ibus" and tried it out in Chrome Web Browser, no problems. Dammit, I must have missed some intermediate steps somewhere...

As I encounter/solve more issues I'll try to remember to post...


Been doing some animation recently. This page was VERY helpful in getting the most out of the Logitech (or Logicool) C920t.