Bamboo Drying in the Winter Sun

A short update on the bamboo we harvested two weeks ago (see previous post).

Here are the two pieces which sensei thinks will be easiest to transform into shakuhachis. A standard shakuhachi in D is isSHAKU HAssun, or 1.8 Japanese feet. The nearest one will become an isshaku rokusun - one "shaku", six "sun" or about 1.6 Japanese feet, and will play in E. The one further away might become a 1.7 and play in Eb.

The thinner piece in the middle will be used to make the joint.

I was very surprised that it only took two weeks for them to lose their green colour and take on this lovely yellow-brown hue.

They will stay outside now until the middle of March, in the sunshine but protected from the rain, turning occasionally. After that they will be brought inside to dry for another year or so.