Dad's Dream

My Dad turned 72 today. Last night or early this morning, he had a dream.

He dreamt that he went to a "vide grenier" (car boot sale) in the town in which he lives. In one corner of the field was a stall with a peculiar instrument for sale, rather like a strange lute. Dad approached the man and asked how much it was, as he thought his son would be interested. The man wanted four hundred euros. Dad was disappointed but moved on.

After a while he ended up back at the stall again, where an old man was buying the instrument for just a hundred euros! Surprised and annoyed, Dad drifted out of the dream and woke up.

Over breakfast, he recounted the dream to his partner. Then, as they'd planned, they went to a local vide grenier to find some bargains.

They eventually arrived at a corner of the field, which was exactly as he'd dreamed the previous night, and there for sale was a remarkable lute-like instrument...

He told the stallholder his dream, who naturally was amazed, and bought the "Kora", for that is what it is. (Of course, he got a better deal than the old man had.)