Hibaku Piano

On Sunday, my family and I went for a walk in Yuki, a rural area quite close to Hiroshima city. We came across a small open-air concert in a field.

It was a charity concert run by Peace Hiroshima. All the performers played the Hibaku Piano (or Survivor Piano), one of only four pianos which survived the atomic bomb blast in Hiroshima. The piano has now become a symbol of peace, and travels all over the world.

I watched for a while. A variety of people were playing, from young children to elderly men and women, beginners to professional musicians. I (or rather, my wife) asked if it was possible for me to play, and they were kind enough to pencil me into the list.

There followed a relaxing afternoon of music in the open air; cows lowing and children playing with tethered goats; ice cream, kites and gentle sunshine.