Experimental PVC Shakuhachi Part 3

This week I designed, made and played a PVC shakuhachi. For details on the design process, please read the previous two posts.

Here's the finished instrument:

And here's a view down the pipe from the bottom end, showing the insert:

Overall I'm extremely happy with this experiment. I have proved to myself that the idea works (making a cutaway insert to model the tapered bore of a traditional shakuhachi). At some point I might revisit it and try to make a better one, with smaller, more manageable holes! Until then, here's my attempt to play it. As usual, apologies for poor intonation, squeaks, splutters and other artifacts.


  1. The whole concept of making your own musical instrument seems aeons old. Fashioned by your own fingers, inhabited by your own breath. Perfected over time. I hope this inspires readers/viewers to make personalised, therefore unique, music in the same way. Inspiring.


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